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hematec Panel PC with flush stainless steel housing

hematec Panel PC with flush stainless steel housing

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In the case of the Panel PCs, do we let the touchscreen in the stainless steel housing so precisely that it is flush with the surface, thus avoiding any "dirty edges"?

Hematec thus guarantees maximum hygiene and robustness! Particularly in hygienically sensitive sectors such as the food and luxury food industry, the chemical industry as well as the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, very special laws and regulations apply with regard to cleanability, hygiene and disinfectability.

In order to meet these requirements, the majority of our panel PCs are made of stainless steel - either with a stainless steel front or completely in a stainless steel case - available.

That is why panel PCs from hematec are at least IP65 on the front - against dust and splash water - protected, a large part of the Panel PC even fully complies with this restrictive standard and thus enables the Use under extreme environmental conditions .

Protection class IP65

  • The Panel PC is dustproof
  • Protected against water jets from any angle
  • Use under heavy soiling (also temporarily), in the event of possible contact with liquids or when the panel PCs are cleaned with liquids

Call us at +49 (36847) 524 - 600 and together we will find a suitable Panel PC for your company.

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