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VISU-PRO-VA Tastenmaus

The attraction of some things lies in their uniqueness.

This is also reflected in the wishes of our customers.

As a partner for industrial IT product developments, hematec not only develops products, but also solutions.

For example, industrial displays for use on boats were custom-made.

Both power supply and data signals are implemented via a single connector. This is done via an integrated KVM extender (HDMI / USB), which transmits signals up to 60m. Furthermore, a 2 button mouse with a "mini joystick" was integrated. This was inserted into the stainless steel housing (V4A) which offers all-round IP65 protection. The device can optionally be equipped with a resistive or capacitive touchscreen.


Thanks to a flexible team of specialists, hematec always offers tailor-made solutions for your technical requirements.

By working with specialized supplier companies, we can also guarantee outstanding quality and appearance for a wide variety of materials and surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminum, metal, plastic or glass.

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