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Industrial-Displays with touch (resistive or capacitive) directly from the manufacturer in Germany

In industrial areas, especially in the field of industrial computers, industrial displays with touch for both indoor and outdoor use, are available. hematec GmbH offers tailor-made solutions for your application to meet your requirements.Our experts build and assemble displays that can cope with any application.

As a manufacturer of specific and high-performance industrial technology solutions, we offer you not only high quality but also total reliability with our products. These values are our top priority and are the reason for our leading position in the market. We only use proven industrial components with high quality elements, long availability and extended temperature range.

Besides the classic installation of Panel PCs, which are mounted in a control cabinet or console, we also manufacture Panel PCs, which can be mounted to the wall or swivel arm directly by VESA mount. We also offer various high performance industrial displays for in-wall mounting.

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  • SMART-VISU-100 Series

    • Display sizes from 7″ to 21.5″
    • VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort
    • Front side IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows & Linux
    • Die-cast aluminum housing
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  • SMART-VISU-VA-100 Series

    • Display sizes from 7″ to 21.5″
    • VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort
    • Front side IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows & Linux
    • Die-cast aluminum housing with stainless steel front
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  • VISU-PRO-AL-100 Series

    • Display sizes from 10.1″ to 21.5″
    • VGA, DVI & HDMI
    • Front side IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows & Linux
    • Aluminum housing
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  • VISU-PRO-VA-100 Series

    • Display sizes from 12″ to 27″
    • VGA, DVI & DisplayPort
    • All side IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows & Linux
    • Stainless steel housing (V2A)
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Industrial-Displays with stainless steel housing

hematec has particular know-how on stainless steel panel PCs and stainless steel displays, which are used primarily in hygienically sensitive areas such as the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The benefits of stainless steel are ease of cleaning and high resistance to corrosion, chemicals and detergents. Besides fully IP65 enclosed stainless steel Panel PCs and stainless steel displays (sometimes also with EX or ATEX protection), we also offer built-in units with stainless steel front.

Germs, bacteria and microorganisms are indisputably important for our ecosystem. However, in production facilities, medical rooms and laboratories, cleanliness is the absolute must. Any germ, any contamination can spoil the goods or contaminate the product. hematec's industrial displays are made for hygienically sensitive applications thanks to their special antibacterial coatings and use of V2A stainless steel. Smooth, enclosed surfaces, IP65 protection and resistance to chemicals and disinfectants, make cleaning the equipment a piece of cake.

Protection against dust and splash water

Our industrial displays with touch function are IP65 certified, at least at the front. This means adequate protection against both dust and splashing water. Areas where dirt and/or moisture are a daily threat are particularly risky for industrial displays. Both suitable devices and adequate protection are therefore of great importance.

Due to the risk factors, we offer specific display solutions. The better the devices are equipped, the better they can cope with environmental conditions. The essence of our product is the reliable use, despite the environmental conditions. The enclosed housing eliminates the possibility of dust or water penetration.

Applications of our Industrial Displays

There are numerous possible applications for our specific industrial display solutions. They can be used for analysis, data acquisition, recipe control as well as for plant visualization. Thanks to the extended temperature range, our displays function reliably even under difficult temperature conditions and can be used without any problems in, for example, cooling chambers and cold stores. Harsh environmental conditions such as mud, dirt, moisture, heat, cold, shocks and vibrations are barely a problem anymore, the superior protection of our displays can withstand them. 

Our displays are also perfect for the visualization, automation or control of buildings. The use of different mounting options makes it possible to mount the display discreet and functional. No matter if it’s metal, stainless steel, glass, stone or wood - we modify our solutions to your wishes and requirements. Together with our experts, we will find suitable options and alternatives for you. Both during the implementation and afterwards, we offer you a comprehensive support.

Display size on request

For different applications you need different display sizes and often not every display size is suitable for every application. In order to make it easier for you to choose a suitable device, we have various sizes for you. These vary from 7 "to 27".

The load on the devices also requires a corresponding housing, which can be equipped with a stainless steel front.

Waranty, Service and Quality

The satisfaction of our customers is our ultimate goal. Therefore, our primary concern is a long-lasting and mutually successful business relationship with customers and partners. We also stand for high quality. For this reason, all devices undergo an intensive quality check (visual and mechanical) after assembly. Also a burn-in test is mandatory before leaving the production. It subjects our computers to a stress test in which different and complicated tasks need to be solved at the same time.

Hematec GmbH stands for production in Germany. Products made in Germany have an advantage compared to products from competitors. We offer you specific solutions, in compliance with the highest quality standards. We build for you industrial displays with touch, custom-made and tailored to your needs. All our products have a 2-years warranty, which can be extended to 5 years. However, our services do not end with the production. Besides the standard bring-in service - the defective device is sent to us for repair - we also offer an optional on-site service: In case of emergency, a technician visits you on-site to solve the issues.

By purchasing a hematec product, you don’t only get a first-class product, but also a first-class service. Our competent service team of system engineers and software developers will assist you with installation, commissioning and use, with words and deeds. We also support you in the hardware and software integration and connecting our products.

As an experienced and flexible company, we produce industry-specific products that are specially customized to your wishes. So if you want to request a quote, non-binding, please fill in our contact form.  After a comprehensive initial analysis of your requirements, we will contact you and discuss the details. Via a personal consultation, further specifications can be identified and integrated, as well as a financial estimation.

Often in these cases, it’s all about detail! Our people know many of these potential pitfalls and know what to look for. They will gladly help you select the right product and, if necessary, also visit your site to analyze the conditions.

Call us on +49 (36847) 524 - 600 and we help you to find the best suitable industrial display.