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Rugged and powerful industrial PCs for control and data acquisition

Industrial PCs (industriële pc) are an essential part of automation technology - they calculate and analyze, switch and regulate, store and archive. Typical fields of application are image and video processing, machine and plant operation and control, robotics, analysis and archiving. In real-time, a IPC can evaluate input parameters and decide whether a currently manufactured part must be rejected, but also whether the axis is correctly positioned or whether the desired level has been reached

The mechanical and technical requirements of the industrial PC are usually as unique as the performed tasks. Of course there are variations. For example in required design (embedded PC, mini PC or full-size PC), in mounting (standard rail mounting, control cabinet mounting, 19” rack mounting), in performance and in technical features (CPU, RAM, Raid, interfaces etc.).

hematec offers a large variety of systems, designs and features. All industrial PCs are so-called build-to-order systems – which means, they are configured and customized specifically for your application. Each customer can decide for themselves which equipment and features he or she would need - from the low-cost basic system with power-saving CPU to the high-performance IPC with multi-core processor and redundant mass storage. Optional expansion cards, such as additional communication or bus interfaces, make it possible to customize the IPC and create a system with all connectivity requirements. For example, integration of ProfiBus, EtherCAT, CANOpen or other bus systems can be realized.

Even though we have a large selection and flexible customization options, in some cases it’s still possible that the suitable PC to your requirements can’t be found. In that case, we would be happy to develop a tailor-made solution for you. We always do this in a cost-efficient way and start at a quantity of 1.

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How powerful should my Industrial PC be?

When choosing a suitable Industrial PC, the question often arises - which hardware do I actually need?

How easy the answer to this question might be for a single, clearly defined application, the harder the answer will be when multiple applications are asking for resources. With only one application, the requirements for processor, RAM and storage can almost be based on the software requirements.

In some cases it might be better to do a performance test on-site under real conditions instead of a theoretic assumption, for example with so-called multi-tasking mode –when several processes or applications share the system performance – or with server applications with simultaneous access of several clients to the industrial PC.

Our customer advisors will be pleased to assist you in choosing a suitable system. Based on many years of experience, it is often possible to make a very precise judgement of requirements needed, which then can then be confirmed by a performance test.

Communication is everything!

In many industrial installations, such as machines, systems, test benches or robotics, the Industrial PCs play a prominent role in the control cabinet. Via interfaces and bus systems the IPC is connected to the control level, to peripheral devices and to the network and via GPIO inputs and outputs can be controlled directly.

hematec Industrial PCs already have a wide variety of industrial interfaces on board. Nearly all systems have, besides standard USB (2.0 and 3.0) interfaces, serial bus interfaces of the RS-232 or RS-422/485 standards. Even though these interfaces are almost no longer used in consumer or office PCs today, these robust transmission standards are still very common in industrial communications. And last but not least, all hematec Industrial PCs are already equipped with at least two EtherCAT compatible network interfaces.

In addition to the existing standard interfaces, most of hematec industrial PCs also offer the option of installing special fieldbus or add-on cards via mini-PCIe or PCIe. For example, it is possible to integrate ProfiBus, CAN, KNX, GPIO, analogue inputs and outputs, FireWire, a frame grabber or any other interface and extension.

Reliability – from the beginning!

Industrial PCs are the control centre of modern industrial plants and failure usually means production downtime. Therefore it is the highest priority that these control PCs are reliable and work under bad conditions, such as high temperature and humidity, dirt and vibration. Therefore, ruggedness and reliability are the most important features in our entire development and manufacturing process.

This starts at the design phase of the industrial PCs, where all environmental influences, such as temperature, vibration, pollution and electromagnetic interferences, are taking into account.

The electronic components used in the IPC are another very important factor. We only use proven and high-quality industrial components, whose suitability and compatibility are ensured again in a separate approval process. Last but not least, our certified quality management system guarantees that our production procession meets the consistently high quality and safety standards.