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hematec is a well-established and innovative company in the field of industrial IT solutions. As one of the leading providers since 1998, we have been supplying customers and partners in a wide range of industries and in many countries with Panel PCs, industrial PCs, industrial Displays and industrial Tablets.

We have special know-how in the field of fully enclosed Panel PC systems made of stainless steel, used in, for example, food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries. In addition, our products and solutions are used in manufacturing & logistics, machine building, industrial automation, energy supply and building automation. Whether you are looking for a new control PC for your machines, or industrial terminals for operational data collection, we offer you effective solutions in excellent quality at attractive prices. We have developed numerous solutions for specific industry demands and, based on your requirements, we will also help you to find the best technical and commercial optimum.

In addition to standardized products, hematec also realizes customer-specific IT solutions - from adjustments of design or technical parameters- to complete new developments. Thanks to the in-house design and development department, even demanding projects can be realized quickly and cost-effectively and already account for around 60% of our order volume. Of course we would be happy to customize your existing products to your specific needs or to develop the optimal industrial PC to your requirements, together with you.

Quality and reliability are the absolute must for hematec products. That's why our systems use only proven industrial components, characterized by high-quality, long-term availability and high temperature and vibration resistance. All Hematec products undergo a quality check and several hours of burn-in testing before delivery. After purchase, customizable warranty periods and flexible service levels ensure long-term investment protection and “peace of mind”.

The satisfaction of our customers - from individual companies to global corporations - is our top priority. Everything we do aims to find and implement an ideal solution for all requirements, together with our customers. A partnership approach at the same level is completely natural for us and in my eyes essential for a long-term partnership.

In the development and production of our products, we rely on solid, specialized partners, mature technology and a certified quality management system. Often our systems are used in machines or equipment where every minute of downtime will cost money. Therefore, minimal failure rates and downtime are essential to our solutions.

Christian Heurich, Managing Director

December 12, 2023
hematec Weihnachten

hematec wishes you a Merry Christmas

The year is drawing to a close, Christmas is just around the corner and we have one more wish for you besides thank you: We wish you time! Time for the family, for yourself & for a few contemplative moments.

Panel-PCs & HMI

Panel PC or HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a special type of industrial PC, in which computer, display and possible touch and other peripherals are housed in the same enclosure.

We supply Panel PCs in sizes from 7" to 27" (other sizes available on request), with resistive or capacitive touch or protective glass. You can choose between different platforms and performance variants, from energy-saving HMI panel with ARM CPU to the high-performance Panel PC with Core i7 CPU and SSDs in RAID configuration. Our Panel PCs also have different mounting options.

In addition to the classic VESA mount for swivel arm or wall mounting, we also offer systems for switchboard or panel installation, 19" rack mounting or wall mounting.


Industrial PCs are computers that fulfil special requirements and work in harsh production environments. Above all, they withstand all kinds of environmental influences such as a dirty environments, extreme temperatures and shocks. Even in these conditions, they can operate in 24x7 without any trouble.

hematec industrial PCs are available in a various designs, equipment and installation options. First of all we have the classic DIN rail PC or Embedded PC, very compact in size. Second al all, the BOX PC, which are somewhat larger, but offer more performance and expansion options. And last, but not least, the so called Rack PCs, which are commonly used in 19" cabinet or server cabinet and offer most expansion slots.


Displays, that are used in production environments or for machine supervision and plant control, often have to meet high mechanical and thermal requirements. Hematec industrial displays are designed and built to meet these special requirements and operating conditions. The display enclosure is usually made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel to protect the electronics against bumps and shocks. The electronics are designed for 24x7 continuous operation and withstand ambient temperatures of up to -30°C to + 80°C.

Our industrial displays are available in screen sizes from 7" to 27", and even smaller or bigger on request. For mounting options, you can choose between VESA mount for swivel arm or wall mounting, switchboard or panel installation, 19" rack mounting or wall mounting.


Industrial tablets and PDAs are portable variants of industrial PCs and are particularly suitable for all applications where mobile working under harsh conditions is part of the daily routine. Think of dirt, dust, splashing water, shocks and vibrations or large temperature fluctuations. Thanks to their special enclosure, robust design and high-quality industrial components, hematec industrial tablets and PDAs can withstand even the most difficult operating conditions and are certified to the military standard MIL-STD-810G.

The industrial tablets are available in sizes 5.98" to 12.2" and with ARM, Intel Atom or Intel Core CPU. All devices are equipped with capacitive multi-touch and scratch-resistant glass. Additional expansion options such as barcode reader, mobile radio module and NFC-reader are standard available, as well as several options to hold or carry the industrial tablet or PDA. Last, but not least, you can always choose between Windows or Android.