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Industrial tablets with Windows 10

Industrial tablets are robust and compact solutions and a mobile alternative to industrial PCs. Whether in the industry, in extreme environmental conditions or outdoors, our tablets are very reliable and made for various purposes. The peculiarity here: We listen to your needs and assembly our solutions on request. According to your requirements, we can adjust both hardware and operating system for you.

hematec stands for unique and powerful industrial technology solutions.

Besides high quality, we also offer you high reliability when using our products. We only use proven industrial components with high quality elements, long availability and extended temperature range.

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  • SolidTab-8350 6

    • Display size 5.98″
    • Intel Cherrytrail x5-Z8350 CPU
    • All sides IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows 10
    • Perfect choice for mobile industry and outdoor usage
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  • SolidTab-10-1

    SolidTab-5100 10

    • Display size 10.1″
    • Intel Celeron N5100 CPU
    • All sides IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, Windows 11
    • Perfect for mobile industry and outdoor usage
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  • SolidTab-5100 12

    • Display size 12.2″
    • Intel Celeron N5100 CPU
    • All sides IP65 protection
    • Support for Windows 10, Windows 10 IoT, Windows 11
    • Perfect choice for usage in mobile industry and outdoor
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  • SolidTab-G99 10

    • 10.1″ FHD Display
    • ARM (Octa-Core) Mediathek Helio G99, 2.0Ghz
    • All sides IP65 protection
    • Android 12 (GMS)
    • Perfect for mobile industry and outdoor usage
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Thanks to their mobility and easy carrying, industrial tablets are the perfect companion for several production steps in the industry. These devices can be useful as both visualization and analysis systems. Furthermore, they are a reliable companion in the monitoring of processes and data acquisition. Also machine maintenance, production control and logistics are areas where industrial tablets can be used. Innovative solutions are always appreciated, especially in production. Industrial tablets can be the perfect companion, because they can help you operate machines and devices.

Corresponding applications make it possible to control machines and devices and are also helpful in changing settings. However, what is essential here, is the technical and structural equipment. Noteworthy are battery life, anti-reflection, display brightness and additional extensions that are adapted to the task fields, for example GPS solutions, smart card slots or barcode readers.

On the structural side, the devices should, above all, be rugged. The design possibilities are numerous. Shock and vibration proof and appropriate housing are essential, both in indoor and outdoor applications.

Operating system: Windows 10

When putting together your specific industrial tablet, you can select the proven operating system: Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB.

This system offers you advantages that are a fit for for the your applications. It is important to define your requirements together with our specialists and then choose the right solution.

Display sizes

For different areas you need different tablet sizes, because often not every size is ideal for all tasks. In order to make it easier for you to decide on a suitable device, we have a wide range of options for you.

We can offer you the ideal solution during a personal meeting with our sales department.

Variety of features

Hematec industrial tablets can be adjusted to your needs. Depending on the application, the devices must be equipped with appropriate connections.

Examples of connections:

  • Bluetooth – wireless transmission of files
  • WLAN – wireless connection to Wi-Fi enable device, Internet access, local area networks
  • USB Slave – synchronization with a PC (wired)
  • USB Host – direct connection to other USB devices (hard drives, USB sticks, keyboards)
  • Infrared – optical transmission of files
  • RS-323 – synchronization/ connection of GPS receivers; for diagnostic and configuration devices (machine and plant engineering).

Highest product and service quality

We stand for our high quality. Because of this, all industrial tablets undergo an intensive quality check after assembling the individual components. Besides this, a burn-in test is a must before production is completed. Our tablets are subjected to a stress test in which different and complicated tasks have to be solved at the same time.

Outstanding support is our promise to you when the product leaves our house. All products come with a 2-year warranty, which can be extended to 5 years. In addition to the standard bring-in service - in the case of a defect on the device, this is sent to us for repair - we also offer an optional on-site service. Here comes a technician to you in the operation and fixes the problem.

By purchasing a hematec industrial tablet, you don’t only get a first-class product, but also a first-class service. Our competent service team of system engineers and software developers will assist you with installation, commissioning and use of the tablets, with words and deeds. We also support you in the hardware and software integration and connecting the industrial tablets.