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Report of transport logistic 2019

Messe transport Logistic 2019 hematec

Thanks for being with us! Despite summer temperatures, around 2,400 exhibitors from 63 countries presented themselves at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich in 2019. This was an increase of 10% compared to 2017.

The number of visitors also increased by 5% to around 64,000 visitors from 125 countries.

We were represented for the first time with our own booth, where we presented our Industrial-Panel-PCs, BDE-Terminals, Industrie-PCs and our robust Industrial-Tablets. Our products and solutions received a very positive response from the numerous visitors from Germany and abroad. <br />We presented solutions for vehicle fleets, warehouse logistics or mobile communication from the warehouse sector to other departments. The Highlights, which you could see on hematec booth, included, among other things, Industrial-Tablets of SolidTab Serie – from 6“ Industrial-Handheld to 12.2“ High-End Tablet, Stainless Steel Panel Pcs completely closed according to IP65 of HIPEC-PRO-VA Serie in 10.1“ Wide-Screen display and with capacitive touchscreen, BDE-Terminals of SMART-BDE Serie with 10.1“ and 12.1“ display with integrated RFID Multi-Reader, Touch-Industrial-PCs of HIPEC-PRO-VA-R Serie - also in stainless steel housing and with integrated RFID reader - as well as lots of useful and proven accessories and fastening options such as stand columns, wall or vehicle holders.

What has been praised time and again are the wide range of configuration and individualization options of our products.

These enable us to integrate our customers' products into existing processes and spatial conditions – stationary and mobile – without much effort. Once again it shows that we take the experiences and wishes, but also the costumer criticism seriously, and incorporate them into the development when designing our industrial panel PCs, BDE terminals and industrial tablets.

We would like to thank you again for your visit, for interesting and informative discussions, for ideas and suggestions and, of course, for your interest in our products.



Industrie Handheld SolidTab-8350 6

 SolidTab-8350 6" devices are true all-rounders in the areas of goods logistics, warehouse management and picking. Despite its compact format, a full-fledged Windows 10 PC with 2D barcode scanner is housed in a robust and shock-proof housing. Existing applications can easily be ported to the industry handheld. Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth, the handy device always maintains a good connection. The integrated GPS module allows the use of location and navigation services.

Industrial Tablet SolidTab-X-7Y30 11

What is it? An industrial tablet or an industrial notebook? The SolidTab-X-7Y30 11" is both in one!

Thanks to keyboard, powerful Core-m processor, Windows 10 operating system and lots of interfaces such as LAN, USB, COM and Micro-HDMI, it is a full-fledged notebook. The additional battery integrated into the keyboard provides the robust device with sufficient running time in case the working day is longer.
With just a few simple steps, the SolidTab-X-7Y30 11" can be transformed into a high-performance industrial tablet with an 11.6" IPS display and 10 fingers multi-touch.


Stainless steel Panel-PC HIPEC-PRO-VA 10

hematec presents its latest addition to the stainless steel panel PC with the compact HIPEC-PRO-VA-3950 10" . The robust and fully IP65-protected equipped with a 10.1" display, optionally resistive (gloves-operated) or capacitive (multi-touch) touchscreen, with a high-performance Intel Atom 4-core processor, up to 8GB RAM and a 512GB SSD Equipped. This means that it is perfectly suited for all space-critical applications where maximum reliability and protection against dust, water and chemicals is required.

PS: In the end a surprise...

At this year's Transport Logistic, the new product video for our industrial Tablet Pcs premiered.

During the filming, the devices were able to prove their robustness and we can say with proud: ALL devices still work perfectly, even if they have got some scrapes.

See for yourself!

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